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My Intro

Name: Katie
Age: 20
Birthday: 9/16/84
Location: Arcata,CA formerly Nashua, NH
Interests: Horseback riding, veterinary, wildlife conservation, soccer, baseball, football, punk rock, country music
Favorite Breed of Horse: Morgan (preferably Palomino ones)
Style of Riding: Hunter/Jumper
Favorite Riding Event: none

Because I just moved, I had to leave my horse behind. He is back with his original owner. I had a Palomino Morgan gelding Golden Acres Dancin Star "Dancer". If any of you are familiar with Morgans, he is like 1/2 related to Blacksaddle Sunstar, a very handsome Buckskin stallion. Eventually I will post some pics when I get them on my comp. I started riding Dancer like 5 years ago. I helped train him as a Hunter horse after school as a favor to the barn manager. I fell in love with his dopey personality and lack of focus. He was the epitomy of a dumb blonde.
I rode Saddleseat when I was younger, and I also ride Western. I did some side training with some friends horses. Sadly, moving has pulled me away from the horse community due to lack of money and I am hoping to jump back in.
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